A Testimony By Kari Elliot

I want to say thank you to the LIFE Literature staff for your time. I truly enjoyed our visit and learning about your ministry. You have been a definite answer to very specific prayers.

I also want to pass on to you just a small encouragement. Remember the school children that stopped at the back gate during our visit? Well, they also came back after school. I showed them the entire sample pack of books you left me. I have never seen children so excited! They immediately started reading the Creation and Daniel stories with eyes wide looking at the pictures and huge smiles on their faces.

I know we’re only talking about just a handful of kids, but even Jesus went after the one. I can tell you that these kids have never even heard of the Ten Commandments and had no idea that Christmas was a celebration of Jesus’ birth.
I’m very excited to be able to read books to them as I am still learning Creole. I get frustrated in not being able to teach well because of the language barrier. So, I’ve prayed that if I could at least read children stories and lessons with the kids, then I could still share Jesus with them. Thank you for giving me that opportunity!