Baptiste Church of Christ-Roi

Pastor Jean Herbert Martiall received one of your concordances at a Sunday School celebration we had in our church. This is what he had to say, “It is a book that is so handy whether I am preaching or teaching, because it helps me to be able to see how many times a word is repeated in the Bible and where i can fid those references. Thank you so much”.

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Arte Berry

I have a non-profit organization that is called Hunger for Christ. Our main mission is to come along side other Christian organizations and help them in any way we can. The discovery last year of LIFE Ministries and their generous offering of Christian materials written in Creole was a huge blessing to us and the ministries that we help. I have seen in many occasions where a pastor reads from a French Bible and then translates what he says into Creole so the congregation can understand the words of God. Would it not be better if he read directly from a Bible in a language that is understood by all who are in the church? The material that you have provided have made this very thing happen. Bibles and story books are being distributed and read to people who are hearing God’s word spoken in a way that they understand. You cannot believe what a blessing this is. Thank you LIFE Ministries for providing the materials that help spread God’s word.

Pastor Lemek Flemon

I would like to thank LIFE Ministries for the big work they are doing in evangelism. These books and tracts help me so much. I especially like them since they are in Creole, this helps all those pastors who are not skilled in French. I am very happy for this help and I hope and pray that this program could reach al the churches across Haiti. Thank you very much!

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Gospel Witness Mission

We are using the Upward Call for our Thursday Bible study. Milord is also using it at his church for Sunday afternoon study. I get a lot of discussion using this book. There are a lot of things in it that are totally new to them. We try to make sure that those in the instruction class for baptism have a Bible or the new version New Testament. We usually make people give a small payment for those. We are a little more liberal in passing out the World Missionary Press New Testament. We also give a concordance to each of our ministers and those that help in leadership. We use the Bible story booklets in school for devotions. Anytime you can give the children a book they think they really have something.


Water for Life

We use the Pilgrim’s Progress in the 4th grade Bible lessons, and the 101 Pi Bel Istwa we use as devotional material for all our students. They love these books and it is a very good way for others in the family to read these stories also, especially those who are semi-literate (most of our parents). At one point last year, one of our church leaders used them as the foundation for Sunday evening services. We appreciate these resources so much!

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Jan Thomas

I just wanted to update you on where the Bibles went that we received from you. My Pastor and a team of 12 other people came from my church in El Dorado, Kansas, USA. We had a Crusade in the evenings as well as a Pastor’s Seminar during the week. The complete Bibles (24 total) went to the Pastor’s Seminar and also 60 of the New Testaments went out at the conference as well. The pastor we have been working with is Pastor Mattieau. He took 60 Bibles to pass out to the people who received Jesus in the Crusade. He also took 50 of the follow-up (Adult Bible Study) booklets to disciple the new converts as well. We took 60 Bibles (NT) to an orphanage and plan to distribute more there as 60 was not enough. The Bibles have also been given out to the Ladies’ Bible Study group that I lead each Monday evening. I just take some each week and give them out to the new ladies who come. So far 30 NT have been given out there. The remaining Bibles have been kept here at my house so when people knock at our gate to get food and clothing we also give them a New Testament.

Matt Morhart

We are so thankful for all that LIFE Literature Haiti does to help other ministries in reaching the Haitian people. Sometimes it may seem that there is not a real major impact in the lives of the people there, but then I stop and think about all of the books, tracts, articles, etc. that I have read in my short lifetime. I know that there is no way that I could say which piece of literature has had a real impact in shaping my world view. We pray that God can use all that LIFE is doing in Haiti (through all the various ministries that use their literature) to raise and build his church.

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International Faith Mission

At IFM we pass out a lot of tracts at our clinic. We write their next doctor appointment on the back and pass one out to each patient after they get their meds. They love getting them and if we accidentally forget they come back for one! When our health agents go out to do vaccinations they like to take the Bible storybooks along and give them out in the villages. We also use the Bible storybooks in the children’s club classes, distributions and wherever else we see the need. We also have a supply of Life literature in our church library. Good French and Creole material is very hard to find to put in a Christian library and we are very thankful we have books from you. We feel it is a great need in Haiti to have good material for the people to access, especially the youth. We appreciate all the good material we get from you and thank you for it!

The Pilgrim Church of Galilee, Pastor Dorcet Sagesse

I would like to say thank-you to LIFE Ministries who has made it possible for the gospel to be spread through books and tracts and it is because of them that I was able to get this concordance. I will pray every day for those that are working in the office that God would bless them more and also those who are supporting the ministry. God Bless you.

gospel tracts haitian literature