History of LIFE Literature…

The late Lester Miller founded LIFE Ministries in 1987. On a trip to Haiti he sensed and responded to the need for Christian literature in Haiti in the Creole language. In parallel ministry Lester also responded to the need for teaching Biblical financial concepts in our conservative Anabaptist communities and churches. These two ministries under the direction of the LIFE Ministries Executive Board. However, with Brother Lester’s passing in 2001, it became necessary to form a Literature Committee to give focused energy and direction to the printing and distribution of literature. This allowed the Executive Board to focus its energies on the increasing demand for Biblical counseling in our communities. At the same time, the Literature Committees opportunities and resources were on the increase also. As time progressed, the value of creating two separate ministries became more clear. Separating the ministries would provide clarity and focus to each, as well as encourage further growth. On November 5, 2010, the Consulting Board voted unanimously to separate the Literature from the Counseling. The Literature Committee has formed its own board and provides office space and staff for its operations. The literature ministry is now named LIFE Literature, and the counseling ministry is named LIFE Counseling Ministries. Currently the Literature Committee distributes over a million tracts and nearly 100,000 Bibles and other books annually to Haiti.

Lamar Nolt

Lamar Nolt | Board Chairman

Lamar Nolt is currently serving as chairman of the LIFE Literature Board. He lives in NC with his wife Miriam and their 6 children. He makes a few trips to Haiti every year to stay in touch, and help give direction for the work. The Nolt family spent almost 8 years living in Haiti, 2 of which were with the Literature program.

mose hess

Mose Hess | Vice Chairman | Pastor Resource Field Manager

Mose Hess spent 3 years in Haiti with his family before he was married. He has stayed connected with the Haitians in several ways including regular Bible conference assignments with Haitian youth through a local pastor friend. He married Joelle on October 28, 2011 and they have 2 sons. They live in Jonestown, PA, and Mose serves at Assistant Secretary and Advisor on the board.

Gary Wurtz

Gary & Anne Wurtz | Guesthouse Hospitality Managers

Gary and Ann Wurtz live in Denver PA with their five children, three girls and two boys. Before they were married, Ann spent over five years in Haiti and is fluent in Haitian Creole. They have really enjoyed introducing the Haitian culture to their children with multiple trips throughout the last number of years.

Mark Bankston | Treasurer | Secretary | Field Finance

I’ve been involved in Haiti since 2022, primarily through our church’s support of two schools in Haiti’s southern peninsula. It’s been a blessing and a challenge to me to see the churches there live with joy and purpose in the middle of difficult circumstances.

bobby hursh

Bobby Hursh | Advisor | Construction Manager

Bobby Hursh and his family lived in Haiti for a total of 8 ½ years spread over four different times. He married Cheryl on July 29, 1995 and they have 3 daughters and 4 sons. They live in Stevens, PA. Bobby’s time in Haiti provides much needed insight as an Advisor to the board.

earl lois ef 0247

Earl Fox | Board Emeritus

Earl Fox lives in PA with his wife Lois. They have four children, three of whom are married. God has also blessed them with twelve wonderful grandchildren. Earl serves as purchasing agent and treasurer for Life Literature. He has been with the organization since the early 1990’s. He and his wife have been to Haiti on short mission trips many times over the years.

lyndon and sharon risser life literature board member

Lyndon Risser | Board Emeritus 

Lyndon and Sharon have been married 29 years and live in Lebanon, PA with their 3 daughters, 2 sons and a Son-in-law. Lyndon says, “I will die a successful man if my children can look in the eyes of every human being and see Jesus Christ.”

rick and cherry hess

Rick Hess | Board Emeritus

C. Richard (Rick) Hess, Jr. was born and raised in Lancaster County, PA.  He and his wife Cherry have been married for 35 years and have been blessed with 11 children, 6 sons and 5 daughters. They have lived most of their married lives in Lebanon County, PA. He has worked in research and development in the food industry for more than 27 years while farming and organic gardening. Rick served as church planter and administrator in Haiti (1997-2000). He has a deep interest in missions both at home and abroad, wishing to do what he can for the Kingdom of God’s sake.