Shed the light in Haiti!

  1. Will you partner with Life Literature to bring the Gospel to Haiti?
    a. Send check to LIFE Literature, 555B Sandy Hill Road, Denver PA 17517
    b. or you can place a donation via PayPal here.
  2. How can your mission, pastor, school or church receive literature?
    See the article HERE.
  3. Can I receive literature in the USA?
    Currently all literature is available in Haiti only.

We Need Your Help in Haiti!

  1. Where is your distribution location?
    Santo 17 #85 Criox de Bouquets, Port-au-Prince.
  2. Can I order online?
    This feature is not currently available.
  3. When are your offices open?
    The Santo office is open Monday only from 8am-3pm. 
  4. Do you have literature in other languages?
    Currently we have mostly Creole and some French.